Telnet and Control break Key

Luis Camou lcamou3 at
Mon Sep 2 22:01:01 EDT 2002

>It might be easier to make a button to represent this than to
capture it.

I thought  about that, even though that means 36 buttons ( all the
Function-Shift-Control keys combination)

>A telnet break is 129, I think.  Is that what you need?

I'll try that.

>Do you think you need a full telnet to talk to a router?  Maybe you
can get by with a simple tcp terminal (plus break).

Yes! I need something very simple ( open port 23, send and receive data) ,
don't need terminal emulation ( like vt-100).

>(BTW, my router won't let me recover from a lost password via tcp
telnet; I have to use the serial connection.)

I agree with you. I am sorry  I did not phrase my questions right, I have
the serial part working ... thanks to Sarah ( Serial test ) , what I need is
the break key ( windows?) for the serial part to do the password recovery

Thank you

Luis Camou

lcamou3 at

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