alignment of combo box label text

Brad Allen BradAllen at
Mon Sep 2 14:36:01 EDT 2002

>I've been looking at the "margins" property in the Transcript dictionary
>which states "use the margins property to control how close text within a
>button can come to the objects edges..."
>Also, if you click the little blue arrow to the left of the 'Show
>Dimensions" label at the bottom of the button property box (basic tag), you
>can type in a comma list eg 8,12,16,24.
>Saying that I wrote a script to change the margins of a combo box and it
>didn't change anything... I'll keep playing...

I had the same experience. The Margins property doesn't seem to do 
anything with combo buttons, but it turns out to be useful for 
placing the label text in standard buttons. This solves another 
frustration I was having, after digging through the Rev Development 
Guide trying to find some description of how to change the label 
placement on a button. Thanks for the tip.

FYI, the documentation in the Transcript dictionary for Margins 
contains an error:

     set the margins of object to {pixels | top,left,bottom,right}

should instead say

     set the margins of object to {pixels | left,top,right,bottom}

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