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Brad Allen BradAllen at
Mon Sep 2 14:08:01 EDT 2002

Yes, I tried those things, but the indentation didn't clear up as it 
usually does. It's not really that important, but is slightly 
distracting. This is one area where Rev needs to catch up with 
HyperCard's script editor in terms of reliability and speed as well. 
(HyperCard's script editor is much snappier at handling indentation 
changes, and more consistent.)

Overall, I find the Rev script editor a bit clumsy to deal with. Undo 
never seems to work, and sometimes it's hard to get the script editor 
window out of the way while trying to look at other windows within 
Rev (such as the Transcript dictionary).

I hate to sound like I'm carping, because I really love Rev. It's 
better than HyperCard in so many ways, but it would be nice if the 
Rev script editor could pick up some of HyperCard's better virtues 
(like debug mode with the Variable Watcher!).

>Sometimes, the automatic formatting gets a bit weird. Usually 
>selecting Format from the script menu fixes it up. If that doesn't 
>work, move the cursor to the incorrect lines and press Tab. This 
>fixes color errors too.
>On Saturday, August 31, 2002, at 06:15  am, Brad Allen wrote:
>>     On one of my stacks, running under Rev 1.1.1, I'm seeing some 
>>strange indentation in the scripts assocatied with switch blocks. 
>>I've seen this behavior on both Windows 2000 and Mac OS 10.1.5. 
>>Here is how it looks (the first case looks fine, but the second 
>>case has irregular indentation.)
><long script snipped>
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