Stand alone via www-page?

Gary Rathbone gary.rathbone at
Mon Sep 2 11:24:01 EDT 2002

What is it exactly you're trying to do ?
1. Do you want to use a web page to pass information to a Revolution stack,
which sends a reply to appear in the browser window ? or
2. Do you want to distribute your Revolution stack via the web ? That is, a
user goes to your web page, clicks on a link and the browser begins to
download the Revolution stack ?

If its the first I can email you a Revolution Web Server with examples (made
from the MetaCard MCHTTP)...

If its the second then put
<a href="MyProgram.exe">DOWNLOAD HERE </a>
into your web page. Where MyProgram.exe is the path to your application. The
user clicks on DOWNLOAD HERE and it should start the download process.


Gary Rathbone

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> Lähettäjä: Esa Kivelä
> Lähetetty: 30. elokuuta 2002 18:30
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> Aihe: Stand alone via www-page?
> ow I make one stadalone working from web page without that
> browser don't start download it?
> I tried HTTP:// path and FLIE:// but in both cases browser
> want to donload that exe.file
> If I use Open in browser its open it ok but it have to be
> open via URL or somehow
> EsaK
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