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One word - Cost ! Its far cheaper to colocate and share a 'fat' line, rather
than rent your own...

"British Telecom's (BT) leased line prices are up to three times higher than
they should be.. (snip)...For a 64Kbps capacity 5km circuit, the EC
recommends a ceiling of 80 euros per month (excluding Vat). According to the
EC's figures, in October BT's price for the same circuit was over 250 euros
per month...(snip)...The EC's other price ceilings are 350 euros per month
for a 2Mbps circuit (compared to BT's 600 euros) and 2600 euros for a 34Mbps
circuit (compared to BT's 6000 euros)...(snip)."

The price of monthly 'decent' colocation service is less than the cost of a
single static IP address (never mind the line !)


Gary Rathbone

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> I find these continued questions about third party web hosting services
> baffling....
> All you need is an old PC, a copy of Linux, and a dedicated fast access
> connection with a static IP address.
> Then you are in control.
> Tim wrote:
> > Does anyone know of an ISP (web host) that would allow their customers
> > access their own MYSQL databases remotely? It seems many ISP's offer
> > but only to be accessed locally, usually for PHP stuff. So using Rev to
> > access your own remote MYSQL db would not be possible with these ISP's.
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