same message twice at one text field??

Esa Kivelä Esa.Kivela at
Mon Sep 2 07:18:00 EDT 2002

Greetings again

I tried to code oms quick messages palttform to our intranet but how I amke sure that user can't send same message twice or more in the text field?

When user press "NEW MESSAGE button filed named "tekstit" appears and usre can type her/his messag in there. When usre press "SAVE MESSAGE" button the message displays in the field named "viestit". But how ceck that is same message 
all ready inside text filed "viestit" and then it can't send from field "tekstit" -> field "viestit" again?

I tired <> and = thing betveen two variables but it won't work.

I tried this:

put the first line of filed "tekstit" into tekstit
put the first line of filed "viestit" into viestit

if viestit = tekstit then
answer NO CAN DO!
put empty into field "tekstit"
end if

Same with <>

but won't work...

Need litlle help with that please. I can't add that part of scrit ie into save button because that license limit :-/.

Thanks at advance


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