is the value of CR really platform dependant?

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Mon Sep 2 01:53:12 EDT 2002


see the ASCII chart at

The chart is in Hex.

The "A" , a decimal 10, is a LF

the "D", a decimal 13, is a CR

The notes say that on  the LF " On Unix systems, moves to a new line AND all
the way to the left."

So on a Unix machines, a LF acts as a LF CR.

I hope this is helpful.


on 8/30/02 12:36 PM, Kee Nethery at kee at wrote:

> Someone said that I should take all my line endings in a text field
> and convert them to the constant CR because that will do the right
> thing per platform.
> Before I release something I'd like to know if that is true given
> that CR is not mentioned as a constant in my online docs nor in my
> 1.1.1 printed docs.
> On Mac OS X I know that the constant CR (commonly known as carriage
> return and commonly known as ascii(13) but not in revolution) =
> ascii(10) a linefeed
> Does CR = CRLF = ascii(13) and ascii(10) on windows?
> Does CR = ascii(13) on Mac OS 9?
> Does CR = linefeed ascii(10) on unix/Linux platforms?
> Thanks,
> Kee Nethery
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