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Sun Sep 1 22:34:01 EDT 2002

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> On Sunday, September 1, 2002, at 06:02  AM,
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>> 1. I've found out that my Web Hosting Provider uses Linux servers.
>> Accordingly I've downloaded the Linux Engine, untared/unzipped it and
>> uploaded it to the remote server. After changing the permissions, it
>> still
>> does not work. My guess is because I did this on a Mac instead of a
>> Unix
>> box, which I don't have. I suppose the same would apply to libUrl
>> library
>> and any other rev stacks that I upload to the server.
> mmm well, I've done it here... on my mac, for a solaris: make sure all
> your FTP transfers are binary...

So you've downloaded the Solaris engine, unzipped it on your mac, uploaded
it to your server, set up permissions and it worked? I've done all that but
with Linux engine and it does not work. Do I have to modify any other files
like httpdaccess?

>> 2. My local server scenario works with the exception of
>> put URL ""
>>  even with the libURL stack in the CGI-Executables folder (permissions
>> set,
>> start using ... etc., set). Your suggestions above are useful, but
>> don't
>> address the specific advantages of the Put URL command (where you can
>> pull
>> specific chunks of html data from other web pages and massage them
>> into your
>> own cgi generated page, to cite just one example).
> Right... the libURL  opens vast vistas....
> assuming you do get the engine working all you need to do is put over a
> stack with the libURL in it... you don't need a unix machine. I think
> it could be as easy as making a copy of the revLibrary stack (to be
> safe). then cut the script out of the button: revLibURL and paste it
> into the stack script... delete all the other buttons and scripts and
> then FTP that to the site and call  it with "start using."
Let me confirm this, did you get this put URL command to work on your remote

Thanks again for your helpful replies,

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