platform() = MacOS (9 with ascii(13) or X with ascii(10))?

Kee Nethery kee at
Sun Sep 1 09:18:02 EDT 2002

>>  >  > "if char 1 of systemVersion() < 7",
>>  >
>>  >If Rev doesn't run on systems < 7, how can you get the code above to even
>>  >run?
>>  Hi Ken,
>>  Precisely because Rev doesn't run on systems < 7, if the first
>>  character of systemVersion() < 7 then OS X or higher is running:
>>  function notClassicMac -- after testing platform is Mac
>>      return (char 1 of systemVersion() < 7)
>>  end notClassicMac
>  > --
>  >

The purpose of the identifying the platform function was to be able 
to choose the correct Revolution line endings for that platform. 
Correct me if I am wrong but I believe I have been informed that on 
all platforms inside a Revolution text field the proper line ending 
is ascii(10). The proper Revolution line ending is the same on all 
platforms regardless whether the platform itself uses CRLF or LF or 
ascii(13) as it's native method of delineating line endings within a 
text file.


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