Newbie Puzzled by Deleting Card

dave.mckee at dave.mckee at
Thu Oct 31 12:56:01 EST 2002

I have OS 10.2.1 running and am trying out revolution 1.1.1 and have run into something strange;

If I have 2 cards and each card has one button with the following script;

on mouseup
  delete this card
end mouseup

and then if I click on the button on either card, I get the following error;

 • There was an Execution Error at 9:45:15 AM
Error description:  Chunk: can't delete object
Object: button id 1005 of card id 1004 of stack "Untitled 1"
delete this card
Value: mouseup

What am I doing wrong ?  There must be something so painfully obvious about this that I just can not see why the script produces an error.

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