Newbie, Cgi and the engine questions

Steen sh at
Thu Oct 31 10:47:01 EST 2002

Hello List.

I have now search all list for information about my CGI 'problem'.
Tip of the Week, was close to my question.

At home I run Webten to test my perl script.
But I also wish to test the Revolution CGI at the same computer.

So fare I understand that I need an engine.
Webten run as Apache and I use OS 9.1

But what sort of engine do I need to download?

Is it important what name I give the engine?

Is revolution name of the engine in this path:

Do I need to do anything else with the engine before I can use it?

How do I name the CGI file?
(In pearl I do it with .pl at the end.)

Does any have some small 'Hello world' snippets?

I know this is some stupid questions, But I hope some will help me to get
started with CGI in Revolution.



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