2 questions: centering and relative paths

Timothy Hart Timothy_Hart at umit.maine.edu
Wed Oct 30 12:25:01 EST 2002

use-revolution at lists.runrev.com writes:
>2) I would like to keep all the images I use(Backgrounds, photos, etc.) 
>  on an external folder, let's say "media", on the same level of the 
>I can't find a way to set the filename on the properties of an Image as 
>a relative path (i mean on the IDE, not from transcript), using the 
>browse button i have always an absolute path that is mantaind on the 
>compiled app, so moving the app with its folder on another location  
>will not work, and obviously will not work moving to a windows 
>thanks in advance,

This took me forever to figure out.  Any ways.  When you are in the development environment create a folder in the Revolution folder for these files.  We will call it "images."  Then when you want to put a picture in to you stack, use the image
tool, open up the properties, click the tab to the left and link it to /images/yourfile.  You could browse to it then just delete the first part of the path.  Then when you build it you will have to move this folder to where it was built to.  Hope
that helps.  Would be nice if the Rev documentation tells new users that.


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