2 questions: centering and relative paths

giulio mastrosanti giulio at cantoberon.it
Wed Oct 30 12:16:00 EST 2002

Hi all
I've already used Revolution for some little applications, but this if 
my first time using it as a multimedia authoring tool
( No intention to upgade my Director licenses anymore...  :)
I played a little with all the  stuff I will need  and quite satisfyed.
  Well, missing a little the Director timeline fot this kind of job, but 
just a little.

Now I have two problems:

1) Can't find a way to imitate the Director "Full screen" option.
I tryed this way:

on preopenstack
    set the rect of this stack to the screenrect
end preopenstack

using the geometry  manager i have set all the objects on the form with 
a location relative to the image i use as background

using the geometry  manager i have set the image i use as background 
with a location relative to the card, exactly 0 pixel from the center 
of the card, both horizontal and vertical.

Nothing to do: the backgroud and all the controls stay always on the 
topleft corner of the screen.

2) I would like to keep all the images I use(Backgrounds, photos, etc.) 
  on an external folder, let's say "media", on the same level of the 
I can't find a way to set the filename on the properties of an Image as 
a relative path (i mean on the IDE, not from transcript), using the 
browse button i have always an absolute path that is mantaind on the 
compiled app, so moving the app with its folder on another location  
will not work, and obviously will not work moving to a windows 

thanks in advance,


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