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Tue Oct 29 14:40:02 EST 2002

>> Solution: start Rev first or make a standalone. I don't think there is
>> an other solution.
> Hi Terry,
> Thank you for the info. It appears that one would have to assume that,
> if ask/answer is used,
> if it works in development it should work elsewhere.  I am aware that
> in build  ask/answer
> has to be selected in resources.  Wonder why it is not available if
> one wants to check his work in a "project" situation rather than having
> to build a standalone  each time ask/answer is used.
  > Again, thanks.
> Regards ... Bob

To test your project WITH all of the resources available such as ask/answer
dialogs, you only have to select
"Suspend Revolution UI" from the development menu. Then your project is
running with everything it would normally have as a standalone, but the
development environment is hidden.

I agree that testing would be more developer-friendly if one could just
double-click a rev file from the desktop. This was discussed several months
ago on the list. I wonder if RunRev listened to their userbase on that
issue as they were designing v1.5 (now v2.0). I believe there was a
majority consensus that the the double-click method was more desirable than
suspending the UI from a menu. It just seems more intuitive to simply
double-click the file to me.

Roger Eller
roger.e.eller at

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