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Terry Vogelaar terry at
Tue Oct 29 01:44:01 EST 2002

Robert Presender heeft op dinsdag, 29 okt 2002 om 05:29 het volgende 

> Have a test stack with 1 fld and 1 btn.
> Btn Script:
> on mouseUp
>   answer "Please enter a name " with "OK" or "Yes" or "Cancel"
>   put it into fld 1
> end mouseUp
> on mouseUp
>   ask "Please enter a name"
>   put it into fld 1
> end mouseUp
> Both of the above scripts work OK in  development (Application 
> Overview).
> A dialog  appears, appropriate data entered and the results are put 
> into the field.
> When the the proj is doubled clicked (Rev not opened), no dialog 
> appears but the
> result in the field are for each case:
> 1. answer plain Please enter a name
> 2. ask plain Please enter a name

Hello Robert,

Both the answer and ask dialog are part of the Revolution UI, which is 
not started up when you doubleclick a project with rev not open. So the 
dialogs don't appear and the contents of 'it' are not filled in by the 
dialog. I am puzzled why you get the result you get instead of 
literally "it".

Solution: start Rev first or make a standalone. I don't think there is 
an other solution.


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