question about sockets

Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Mon Oct 28 16:47:01 EST 2002

On Montag, Okt 28, 2002, at 17:08 Europe/Zurich, Dar Scott wrote:

> There is a bug in Revolution 1.1.1 concerning datagrams.  Also there 
> are features in Revolution 2.0 that will require more work.
> ...
> To be ready for Revolution 2.0, you should also "close socket" the 
> connectionID you get with the callback and ignore the error.  (Or test 
> on version.  Or make a note to yourself.)
> On Revolution 2.0 you will be able to send datagrams back and receive 
> datagrams sent back on that same "connection" identified by the 
> connectionID in the callback.  To support this a "connection" is 
> opened for you just before the callback.

well It seems that my testing will have to wait until after November or 
whenever 2.0 ships...
Its exactly one of those situations where you cannot use an old version 
of a program without taking a huge step when the next version ships... 
If only software where always flawless from the beginning :(

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