question about sockets

Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Mon Oct 28 04:29:01 EST 2002

sorry for my triple post earlier this day, I got some connection 

I am trying to do some connection stuff using the open socket, write to 
socket, and accept socket in their datagram form.
I run a by connecting to my own Jaguar mac, but I only can get one 
message through and I really don't know what's wrong...

first I open the outgoing socket:
   open datagram socket to "|local"

then I start with listening, the message just writes the socket and the 
datagram into a field:
   accept datagram connections on port 4038 with message "contact"

first output comes from the "accept" command, as it sends the name and 
identifier of the socket:|99184744

finally I send a message:
   write field "text" to socket "|local"

second output is the name of the socket and my message:|99184744 this text is written in field "text"

I know have two open sockets, one from the accept and one from the open 

but I cannot send a second message, as just nothing happens if I try to 
do so :(
Does it somehow shut close? Is it a bug? Probably just me not getting 
how things are supposed to work...

so could someone enlighten me? Il appreciate it, promised...

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