Picture Brightness on Windows

Trevor DeVore trevor at mangomultimedia.com
Fri Oct 25 14:19:01 EDT 2002

On Friday, October 25, 2002, at 01:43 PM, Jan Schenkel wrote:

> Not to mention the fact that there is no equivalent to
> MacOS' ColorSync in Windows, so there's an even bigger
> chance of things displaying differently on different
> machines, or even the same machines if the
> applications are using different graphic worlds.

Thanks for the responses everyone.  The possibility of using different 
graphic worlds seems to be the most likely problem based on the 
problems we are experiencing.  Seeing as on my Windows machine the 
images look the same in all applications whereas on another windows 
machine different applications display the images darker or lighter 
than in other programs.

A way to fix the problem would be to have some sort of gamma or 
brightness slider but from what I have read in the archives there 
doesn't seem to be an easy way to make such an adjustment slider.  Is 
that true or has anyone come up with a method for doing so?

Thanks again,

Trevor DeVore
Blue Mango Multimedia
trevor at mangomultimedia.com

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