help! all cards are blank

Robin Banerjee robinb at
Fri Oct 25 09:07:01 EDT 2002

Dear Ken, 

Thanks for the reply.  But no, I didn't move the stack.  And it wasn't just
referenced files that were not displaying -- every card was completely
blank, even though I could access buttons, fields, players etc. through the
message box.  Fortunately, when I copied all the cards to a new stack they
all displayed correctly.  But it's still a puzzle to me - the original stack
still is a bunch of blank cards!


>Did you recently move the stack somewhere? If so, it's possible that
>referenced images have file paths that are no longer valid...
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>> Can anyone help me, please?!!!  The stack I've been working on for a while
>> now doesn't show anything.  Everything is there, sounds play etc., but all
>> cards display blank.
>> I had been editing a sound file which I use in the app at the time, if
>> that's relevant.
>> Any help would be much appreciated!!
>> Robin
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