Revolution 2.0 to ship in November

Gary Rathbone gary.rathbone at
Fri Oct 25 03:19:01 EDT 2002

As far as I'm concerned my Small Businesss Rev Licence (purchased in July)
will allow me to upgrade for free quote "(snip)... It includes all updates
or upgrades for one year after date of purchase. As with all other license
types, the software does not expire after one year but you do have to pay
again to get further updates."

I assume that the statement regarding purchases from October 24th to the
release date is to reasssure potential purchasers that they can buy  Rev NOW
and won't have to pay for the upgrade. This means the Rev team aren't
cutting off their revenue source by making people wait until November.


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on 10/24/02 3:34 PM, Kevin Miller at kevin at wrote:

> Holders of a Revolution Professional Edition license can download the 2.0
> test release immediately.  Members of the press will shortly be able to
> obtain a preview version.  Anyone who buys the Revolution 1.1.1 between
> October 24th, 2002 and the release date for version 2.0 will be entitled
> a free upgrade to version 2.0 when it becomes available in November.

What does that mean for holders of the small business dev edition? Will we
have to purchase a new 2.0 copy? I though our license entitled us to one
year of upgrades.

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