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Here is a copy of a press release we sent out just now.

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Latest release with groundbreaking new features is in testing.


Edinburgh, Scotland, 24th October 2002

Runtime Revolution today announced that Revolution 2.0 will ship in
November.  Revolution is an easy to use, powerful, and fully-featured
multi-platform development tool.  The new release improves and adds to a
number of key areas: a Jaguar-friendly user interface, the built-in
documentation, spreadsheet fields, support for XML, Unicode, database
access, multimedia, and more.

More details about the 2.0 release, together with preview screenshots can be
found at

Revolution's easy-to-use interface builder, powerful and English-like
programming language, built-in Internet and multimedia features all combine
to make it the ideal for writing software with ease.  Revolution has fully
supported all major platforms since version 1.0.  Developers can write a
single application that targets "classic" Mac OS and OS X, Windows, and
Linux (and other popular Unix flavors), supporting each operating system's
native look and feel -- with no code changes needed.

---- Revolution 2.0 Features ----

Revolution 2.0, scheduled for release in November 2002, continues Runtime
Revolution's mission to deliver the best in easy, rapid, application
development.  Version 2.0 builds on Revolution's proven ease and power,
bringing these major new features to Revolution's developer community:

- Brand new, Jaguar-friendly user interface
- Transcript Cookbook explaining a range of useful routines
- Unicode text entry and text manipulation
- Spreadsheet/table text fields
- New XML library for creating and parsing XML documents
- New SOAP support
- New report printing engine
- All-new integrated debugger including scripting support
- Improved database access on all platforms
- Windows of any size and shape on all platforms
- Fully Perl-compatible regular expressions
- MIDI music file creation and playing
- New sound-recording architecture
- Hundreds of other changes and enhancements

Holders of a Revolution Professional Edition license can download the 2.0
test release immediately.  Members of the press will shortly be able to
obtain a preview version.  Anyone who buys the Revolution 1.1.1 between
October 24th, 2002 and the release date for version 2.0 will be entitled to
a free upgrade to version 2.0 when it becomes available in November.


The Revolution development environment is a breakthrough for anyone who
writes and designs computer software. Revolution enables developers to
easily and quickly create powerful Internet-enabled applications and
solutions which can be delivered on Linux, Mac OS X, classic Mac OS,
Windows, and popular UNIX systems.  Licensing options include the $299 Small
Business Edition, the $99 Student-Teacher Edition, the $995 Professional
Edition, and the downloadable Free Edition, which limits the size and
complexity of code but is otherwise fully enabled. Educational and site
license discounts are also available. Revolution is currently used by
corporations, small businesses, independent developers, educators, and
hobbyists worldwide.


Runtime Revolution Ltd is committed to the development of cutting-edge
professional programming software and engaging educational applications.
For more information about the company and its products, visit the Runtime
Revolution website at <> or email info at


Magazines are welcome to include the Free Edition on cover and promotional
CDs free of charge. Contact rod at to obtain a free license for

Members of the press will shortly be invited to review a Revolution 2.0
preview.  Contact rod at if you would like to be contacted when this
preview is available.

Revolution and Runtime Revolution are trademarks of Runtime Revolution Ltd.
Other company and product names are trademarks of their respective owners.

Rod McCall
Runtime Revolution Ltd.
rod at
Phone: +44 (0) 870 747 1165
Fax: +44 (0) 131 718 4334

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