Mac/Win standalone startup difference

Bob Arnold rfarnold at
Thu Oct 24 12:42:01 EDT 2002

Helo Rev Users,

I have a stand-alone which on startup checks for some necessary files, and
if not found, alerts the user.

On the Mac (any OS) the stack window will open first and the alert (using
ask/answer resources) works, but on the Windows build, the alert precedes
the stack window opening, and seems to lack the revask/answer resources
(which were included in the build) -- the ask window appears as a black
rectangle with no text or buttons, although it does respond to pressing the
enter key as it should). If this problem is not encountered, and the main
stack window opens, all alerts work as expected, so this is related to the
startup procedure.

Is there some way to force the windows version to finish loading its
resources and opening the main stack window before an alert which is called
in a startup handler?


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