using imageSource as a hyperlink

Terry Judd tsj at
Thu Oct 24 00:22:23 EDT 2002

I like the imageSource property - particularly nice the way it 
maintains the transparency of the image. What I'm trying to do now is 
embed (in a 'list' without list behaviour) a series if icons that 
will indicate whether certain types of resources are available for 
the selected item (eg image, QT movie etc) and then click the icon to 
display the resource. However, it seems that once you set the 
imageSource of a character you lose the ability to see it as part of 
a clickChunk. Is there any way to click on an embedded (imageSource) 
image and query the linkText of the underlying character??


Dr Terry Judd
Biomedical Multimedia Unit
Faculty of Dentistry Medicine & Health Sciences
The University of Melbourne
Parkville VIC

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