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Mike Brown mike at
Wed Oct 23 18:32:01 EDT 2002

Hi Scott,

I'm using an absolute path to locate the folder (I use the filename function
to get it).  That part works great.  I test it by running the script through
a fld in the stack that displays the path.  I can then copy that same path
and execute it from the Windows "Run" window or from an OS Window and it
will pop the folder open.

The "get shell("start " & MyFolderPath)" script works in a Rev Stack just
not in an Executable.  I think I need an alternative method to the "Start "
portion of the script.


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> Recently, "Mike Brown"  wrote:
>> Well... I can now open folders from a Rev App on the Mac OS thanks to Ken
>> Ray.
>> I thought I had a method for Windows using this method:
>> get shell("start " & MyFolderPath)
>> This works great from a Rev file but not from a Standalone (.exe).  For some
>> reason when I convert my stack to a standalone, this script no longer opens
>> my folder but launches another window with my standalone Application.  This
>> can go on and on until the screen is full of multiple copies of my
>> Standalone.
>> I suppose this is caused by the "start command passing through my
>> executable??
>> Does anyone have an alternate command to the "Start" or an alternate method
>> for opening folders in Windows OS from my Rev Standalone?
> Sounds like you might be using a relative path to the folder, instead of an
> absolute path.  If this is the case, try establishing an absolute path to
> your folder ie "c:/program files/myfolder".
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