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Dan Shafer dan at
Wed Oct 23 17:50:00 EDT 2002

Has *anyone* actually *worked through* and used the Independent Study 
tutorial that comes with Revolution?

On both OS X and Windows 2000, I'm experiencing serious difficulties 
with basic functionality. I'm willing to be told it's user error, but 
if I'm experiencing this, I wonder how many people run into it and 
just walk away from Rev.

Here's the *basic* issue I encounter.

1. Open the sample from the tutorial.
2. Choose the browse tool (it comes up in edit mode by default, which 
seems perhaps wrong)
3. Add a new record.
4. Give the new record a name and a title.
5. Click on the button where graphics go.
6. Choose a graphic.
7. The app is back in edit mode (clearly wrong and the script looks 
like it shouldn't leave it in this state, but I can't get it to do 
what it should).
8. Repeat steps 3-8.
9. Get back into browse mode.
10. Click on the name of the first person you added.
11. No picture.

It *appears* to be consistent: only the last picture you add "sticks."

I have been able to import the files from the sample database, 
associate pictures with each of them, add a new record, and get all 
of those images to stick. But if I quit the app and come back, the 
problems I just described return, either consistently or, in one case 
at least, in such a way that all the images stick except the last one 
added before the new one.

I've spent an hour or more with this today alone. It appears to me 
the problem lies in the trickiness of using a uImageID property in 
such a way that it gets slammed. When none of the pictures in the 
stack stick except the last one, inspecting the custom property of 
the getImage button in each card shows that each has the same value 
in that property.

I've also experienced two problems in the Application Overview in 
this tutorial and at no other time:

1. Click on the name associated with a card in the employee database. 
Then click on another name. Instead of seeing the new card's 
information in the window, a new window pops up with bizarre-looking 
debug information in it. There is some script code in this window 
that resets the name of the card from, e.g., Smith, Ted, to 
Smith/REVEXCLUDE01, Ted. This is important, apparently, because 
later, when I open the stack, that weird-looking name displays 
instead of the natural English name.

2. For no apparent reason, the right pane of the fully open AOV goes 
blank. Nothing I do gets it back. I have to quit Rev.

Anyone? Please tell me this is not my own insanity or lack of 
comprehension here. I have studied the scripts and I'm not getting 
anywhere fixing it.
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