Anyone Interested in my 'Jump Scripts' Tool?

Matt Denton matt.denton at
Wed Oct 23 07:59:01 EDT 2002

Hey-ya List

Thanks for the great response to my request!  I've been hard at work to  
tidy up a few things, ended up adding more features and found a few  
niggly bugs that I'm just sorting out now.

I had promised a Mac version tonight my time, but looks like tomorrow  
night.  Sorry for not responding to each of you separately (those who  
requested to be in on the loop). Anyway thanks, it's comin'!


Matt Denton

> Hey-ya all
> One of the tools I've built for my own development is called Jump
> Scripts.  I use it all the time and it is perhaps the most useful
> development tool I've made to date.  What does it do?  It lets you jump
> immediately to any script in any stack, card or object very very
> quickly.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> -
> Here are the features:
> 	Jump to any script in any open stack via the keyboard;
> 	Jump through the stack hierarchy via keyboard: stack>card>objects;
> 	Edit script or property via keyboard;
> 	Filter out objects (say only view buttons) via keyboard;
> 	Displays if a stack, card or object has a script;
> 	Close a stack script or property window via keyboard;
> 	Bring focus on 'Jump Scripts' or minimize via the keyboard;
> 	Hide or show Rev stacks in the list.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> -
> Would anyone be interested in this tool?   I'll release it for free as
> a service to all the kind people on the list, if there is interest.  It
> is only built for OSX at the moment but I'll build and test for OS9 and
> Windows if there is interest. I'd also appreciate any feedback and
> testing (this will be beta 0.5).
> PLEASE RESPOND if you think you'd like this tool.

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