Dynamic Animation

Mike Doub Mike at Doub.com
Wed Oct 23 07:32:01 EDT 2002

Is there anyway to build animations dynamically?   I am trying to figure out
if I can do animations similar to what is being done within "theBrain".
Check out this web site and see how the animation looks:
http://www.thebrain.com.  The effect is similar to having "fields" pasted
onto a ball and you rotate the ball by clicking on a field and causing that
field to move to the center of the display.  All of the other "fields" shift
to their new location relative to the new centered "field".

If there is no programmatic interface that will allow animations to be built
on the fly I am then going to be looking for suggestions as to how one might
try doing animations without the animation manager?

Thanks in advance,

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