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Ken Norris (dialup) pixelbird at interisland.net
Tue Oct 22 19:01:00 EDT 2002

on 10/22/02 4:13 PM, Troy Rollins at troy at rpsystems.net wrote:

> On 10/22/02 7:15 PM, "Ken Norris (dialup)" <pixelbird at interisland.net>
> wrote:
>> I'm having a bit of trouble visualizing this. How does it work? How do you
>> efficiently search and edit object properties?
> Why make it hard? Move the content of the custom property into your
> container of choice for searching and editing... then move it back before
> saving.
Indeed. That's the way I would do it, but how fast would such a move happen?
Would it be worth the wait, or should the data just be kept in a field?

If all you want to do is search, sort, and edit, i.e., no complicted
manipulation, calculations, or special uses made of the data, then a field
would surely suffice, as Yves says, because it's just a list.

However, if Terry wants to categorize or otherwise index the data, or if a
UI is needed to operate on the data, then the picture changes.

All the best,
Ken N.

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