OS X- quartz or not?

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On Sunday, October 20, 2002, at 10:47  PM, Alex Rice wrote:
> Based on this anecdotal evidence I would venture that Rev apps on OS X 
> do already use Quartz thanks to Appearance Manager. Can someone who 
> knows Quartz well write a rebuttal for that item?

Never mind, I was confused about what QuartzDebug is showing. Here is a 
helpful explanation from a OS X-pert

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  Quartz is two things.  It is a 2d vector drawing API and it is a 
- The 2d vector drawing is the aspect of quartz the most people think 
This is where anti-aliased lines, transparent compositing, and PDF 
model with floating point coordinates lives. There are ties into the 
rendering technology here too.
- The window server is a process that owns the display frame buffer/back
buffer. Ultimately, all drawing goes through the window server unless 
full screen has been captured by OpenGL/Core graphics.  The window 
keeps applications from drawing outside their windows, provides drop
shadows, provides window layering, live window drags, manages flushes 
each application's window backing store into the back/frame buffer, and
swaps buffers (usually during the vertical blank when possible).

Quartz Debug primarily shows buffer flushes that are part of the window
server functionality.  Quartz Debug does not particularly tell you 
about the drawing that took place to require the buffer flush.

I expect all drawing done by windowed applications to show up in Quartz
debug regardless of whether the drawing is done by Quartz 2d, Quickdraw,
OpenGL, or direct bit manipulations in a window's backing store.  How 
drawing is done will have little impact that is visible via Quartz 
but of course it has tremendous impact on the quality of the graphics
produced.  Quartz debug is just showing that drawing/flushing took 

> What can be deduced from this result in QuartzDebug? Is the app a
> first-class Quartz citizen? I guess the term "Quartz" encompasses a lot
> of different things. Just trying to find out if there are different
> levels of quartz rendering or if it's an all or nothing deal.

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