LAN remote file read, parse, write and move by shell

Rob Cozens rcozens at
Sun Oct 20 10:58:01 EDT 2002

Aloha Sannyasin,

>I don't know much shell scripting and am currently using FTP for 
>this locally, it works, but its slow.

Are you using get/put URL for items 1 & 3?

>But is has been pointed out to me that  possibly native UNIX 
>commands could be run to do the same thing... this is an a MAC OSX 
>network. (where the remote machines are running OSX and the work 
>stations also running OSX

Since you plan to continue parsing the file with Transcript, try 
completing steps 1, 3, & 4 without parsing.  This should give you an 
indication of whether the slow down is in file handling or parsing. 
If it's parsing, I'd focus on the Transcript handlers for step 2 
rather than converting the other steps to a shell command.

>Can anyone put this together in a combo of shell commands and 
>transcript? Note the intention is NOT to have to mount the remote 
>volumes on the desktop of the processing machine, but to 'talk' to 
>them directly. using UNIX stuff like "rcp"
>1) read file (a) from remote machine (OSX server) on the LAN into 
>variable on this machine
>2) parse that file for a chunk ## each to use TRanscript for this
>3) Write that chunk back out to file (b) to a different volume on 
>the same or another remote machine on the LAN
>4) move file (a) from one directory to another on the same machine 
>where it resides.

I find it hard to imagine that running Unix in a shell to read or 
write a file would be significantly faster than get/put URL.  I have 
no clue about moving a file.

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