Standalone crashing problem solved -- and incompatibility report

Bruce A. Pokras macstacks at
Sun Oct 20 10:36:01 EDT 2002

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>Subject: Re: Standalone crashes when Mac Applications menu clicked
>From: Troy Rollins <troy at>
>To: <use-revolution at>
>Any weird startup apps or extensions oriented around menus or applications
>switching on your system?
>RPSystems, Ltd.

Good point, Troy. I noticed that the only submenu that was still 
enabled after each crash was the fax menu from FaxSTF 6.0. So I went 
into the FaxSTF app, turned off the fax menu option, and restarted. 
To my pleasant surprise, the standalone no longer crashes when I 
click on a menu. Of course, now I will have to use the Control Strip 
rather than the fax menu for controling faxes.

The RunRev people should look into this incompatibility. It is not 
good for the reputation of Revolution developers if their 
applications crash on the Macs of every user who has the fax menu 
from FaxSTF enabled.

Thanks to everyone who offered their assistance.


Bruce Pokras

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