image within a graphic?

Ken Norris (dialup) pixelbird at
Fri Oct 18 21:04:01 EDT 2002

on 10/18/02 4:14 PM, Brad Allen at BradAllen at wrote:

> Is there a way to place an image "inside" a graphic, similar to the
> way a button can hold an image by setting the icon property? My goal
> is to display a circular picture. I tried all the different ink
> settings for an image containing a circular picture, but never
> achieved the desired results. The ink setting called "Transparency"
> is advertised to make all the white space of the image transparent,
> but it didn't work quite right, and has the drawback of being limited
> to Mac OS systems.
> My image was created in Photoshop and saved as a transparent GIF.
I'm not exactly sure, but it reads that you want to end up with a circular
picture, but that somehow the area beyond it's circular border is not
behaving the way you want. If this is true, perhaps you can mask it. Make
your graphic to match the background, then cut out a circle to match your
image, and lay it over the image.

Will that work?

Ken N.

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