1.5 (now 2.0)

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> >Anyway I'm sure everyone will like 2.0 when they see it.
>Can you tell us the new features?

At this stage I can only point to our previous press release on the 1.5 
alpha (now replaced by 2.0) which outlines *some* of the new features, the 
URL is:


Here is a summary of the new features listed in that release:

*XML library for creating and parsing XML documents
*Spreadsheet-format text fields
*New sound-recording architecture
*MIDI music file creation and playing
*Windows of any size and shape
*Fully Perl-compatible regular expressions
*Transcript Cookbook of useful script routines

More news on the exact feature set of 2.0 will appear very soon, so if you 
can hold your breath for a little while longer I am sure all will become clear!

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