ftp download error "not a plain file"

Sannyasin Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Thu Oct 17 16:23:01 EDT 2002

Aloha, Dave,

OK, I checked permissions:

  rwx-rw -r

So, anyone can read the file.

  What's more... I can open an FTP client,
(I am using oXigen now on OSX ... really fast)


the same HOST, USER, PASS and PATH and download the file, no problem.

But, if I try that in Rev... I get the same message:

>> error  550 /Public/Sheela/New-Not Yet
>> Posted/9-19-02_Mauritius_Trip_Talks.txt: not a plain file.

so at this point it would definitely appear to be a libURL problem... 
"but wait... there's more!"

test: If I change the server to our ISP's host server in Honolulu 
(SPARC Solaris) and run the same scripts... it works... the same script 
which is failing to fetch a file from our server in the other room over 
the LAN (OSXServe running on a G4 with FTP enabled) will download a 
file from Honolulu... both  files are simple text files, both have the 
same permissions.

So an FTP client can download from our server but libURL can't. Other 
operations... get directory listings, upload, RNFR  RNTO etc. all work 

Can I do anything to log events to give you a more detailed look into 
exactly what is failing?

Thanks for your cheerful help!

On Wednesday, October 16, 2002, at 09:49  PM, Dave Cragg wrote:

> Sivakatirswami wrote:
>> I have this script in a list field which has file names previously
>> fetched using NLST
>> on mouseup
>>   put the clicktext into jai
>>   put "ftp://katir:myPass@our.kauai.server.org/Public/Sheela/New-Not
>> Yet Posted/" & jai into tURL
>>   put tURL ; wait 1 seconds
>>   get url  tURL
>>   put it
>>   wait 1 second
>>   put the result
>> end mouseup
>> "it" is empty and result:
>> error  550 /Public/Sheela/New-Not Yet
>> Posted/9-19-02_Mauritius_Trip_Talks.txt: not a plain file.
>> now, these files are files that are generated and uploaded by a Rev
>> app I created which is in use by someone in Chennai (Madras)
>> India... and they definitely *are* plain text files... ??
> 550 means the action wasn't taken for some reason. "not a plain file" 
> is a generic message sent by a some servers, and seems to cover a 
> variety of issues. I'd check the permissions on the file and see if 
> everyone has read permission. Use LIST instead of NLST to get a 
> listing with all the permission details.
> Cheers
> Dave

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