strange behaviour of a standalone script

BSpurgeon at BSpurgeon at
Thu Oct 17 15:18:01 EDT 2002

I've written a very simple sort of log book type stack consisting of
identical log cards throughout, but a first card that lists what new cards
have been created -- giving their name, date, who made them, etc.  This
first card has a format button that gathers the information from all the
cards and lists the information on a single line in an index field on the
first card.

Here's the problem.  It worked fine until I made the stack into a
standalone file attached to a splash-screen stack, as per recent
discussions on this list for standalones.  Now, although the stack saves
new cards -- yes, I come from a HyperCard background -- this simple
formatting button fails to work the way it was written to work and the way
it works when the stack is not a standalone.

Any ideas why a simple script might not like being in a standalone
environment, although the cards themselves get saved?

Brad Spurgeon

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