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Rob Cozens rcozens at
Thu Oct 17 13:25:40 EDT 2002

>when I'm designing a database library to be used & distributed by 
>others, I have to provide a path to any db stack opened by the 
>calling stack.  So far it seems specialFolderPath is the only way to 
>accomplish this, and that means files must be forced into particular 
>(though generically addressed) locations on every platform...
>and that means an installer is needed on every platform and by every 
>developer who uses my library.
>It's not a solution I like very much; but what's the alternative?

Hi All,

Having been underwhelmed with suggestions, here is the approach I'm evaluating:

* Maintain the full path name to the SDB database in the mainstack's 
sdbFile  property as in my original design

* Supplement the openSDBFile handler with logic to check (1st) the 
mainstack's folder and (2nd) specialFolderPath("Documents") for the 
database before requiring the user to locate or create it.

I assume specialFolderPath("Documents") returns empty for both Mac OS 
9 & X, as well as all Unix platforms; so the second step only deals 
with Windows permission issues.  Still, the first check should 
resolve the issues related to moving or renaming a folder containing 
an app & db on all platforms, no?

I plan to wait a day or so before scripting the changes; so you have 
about 24 hours to further educate me or blow holes in my design. 

Rob Cozens
CCW, Serendipity Software Company

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