Portable file names

Rob Cozens rcozens at pon.net
Thu Oct 17 09:35:01 EDT 2002

>that was because the READ ME FIRST file was one that effectively
>"asked" the user to double-click it. If you have Rev files that don't need
>to be double-clicked (i.e. they're opened from within another program
>automatically), you can forego the extension. Personally, I feel that *all
>files* on *all platforms* should have an extension for multiplatform
>compatibility, but that's just my opinion. ;-)

Thanks for the additional info (& the URL for specialFolderPath codes), Ken.

You've made your position on file name extensions clear; but let me 
ask this:  Might it be a good idea to exclude extensions on files one 
does NOT want the user to open by double-clicking?

Other than the Read Me, which we both agree needs to be 
double-clickable, the other files that originally didn't include 
extensions were the various language translation files.  While they 
are text files, they are always ASCII text which is converted to ANSI 
when opened on Windows or Unix platforms, and the documentation says 
they should not be edited with a text editor in those environments. 
Am I better off removing the ".txt" extension from those files?

Rob Cozens
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