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At 8:36 AM -0700 10/15/2002, Jacques HAUSSER wrote:
>Transpose: I tried "put transpose(Gdonnees) into Gdonnees", and the answer was
>"can't transpose this array" (the same if the transpose was put into
>another variable).
>It was a 10 x 28 global array (with numeric keys) which was perfectly
>transposable with a hand-made transposition function, but I'm sure
>the built-in function would increase the speed - if it agrees to
>work. Which reason(s) can prevent transpose to work ?

Not sure. Are the keys in your array successive numbers (that is 1,2,3...
with no gaps)? Perhaps you could post the code that generates the array.

>another question: if one has a global array, say GArray, and wants to
>clean it, are the results of "delete GArray" and "put empty into
>GArray" exactly equivalents?

No. Using the "put empty into" command, the global variable still exists
but has nothing in it (therefore the keys function returns empty because
the variable has no elements). But it still appears in the globalNames and
variableNames functions.

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