Startkit limitations for stacks already containing long scripts

Ken Norris (dialup) pixelbird at
Wed Oct 16 11:11:01 CDT 2002

on 10/15/02 10:13 PM, WordWork at wordwork at wrote:

> I am now a part-time English teacher at a teachers training college in
> Norway, and would LOVE to have a Rev project going on in one of the many
> schools I have who are interested in using IT in schools.  But I can't go on
> a 10 line limitation!
I'm not giving away any secrets here. Two possible solutions:

1) Build your own library of nestable 10-line routines into a UI for the
students. All they have to do is build stacks and objects which call them as
needed, including nesting them into each other. Mostly, the hierarchy will
determine how they work. Something like:

on myHandler
  global A1,B1,C1,lNum ** etc.
  put line lNum of field "Significant Numbers" into B1
end myHandler

on startAddNef
  global B1,C1
  if B1 + 13 = C1 then routA
  else if B1 + 13 < C1 then routB
  else if B1 + 13 > C1 then routC
end startAddNef

on routA
  global A1,F1
  ** keyWords
  ** conditional statements, etc.
  ** whatever you decide you want it to do
  if F1 is true then graphWorld
end routA get the idea.

2) Build a parser that can break up long scripts into 10-line segments in
conjuction with an assembler that loads and activates each in the order they
were written. A bit slow, but will work.

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