Startkit limitations for stacks already containing long scripts

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Wed Oct 16 09:43:01 EDT 2002

Correction. I just checked the Rev site and K-12 student pricing can be 
even cheaper than what I said below. It is $25 for 10 licenses and even 
cheaper for more.

I'm not sure what you want the Rev folks to do beyond those prices.

Bill Vlahos

On Wednesday, October 16, 2002, at 06:49  AM, Bill Vlahos wrote:

> Bill,
> Educational licenses are really pretty cheap (I think as low as $25 
> per student in the right volume). Perhaps you could either get someone 
> to donate a set of licenses to the class or offer to the parents the 
> ability to buy the licenses for their kids. That way they get to keep 
> them after the class.
> In the US, people get tax reductions for donating to schools. Is that 
> true in Norway?
> Bill Vlahos
> On Tuesday, October 15, 2002, at 10:13  PM, WordWork wrote:
>> on 16-10-02 05:56, Sannyasin Sivakatirswami at katir at wrote:
>>> IF
>>> THEN: Can she then create objects, cards, buttons, fields and add new
>>> scripts with ten lines or less and  edit scripts of objects that have
>>> less than ten lines? i.e. the original working document is 'beyond" 
>>> the
>>> I want to be up front about staying within the "ethical" parameters 
>>> of
>>> the educational license, but i can't justify purchasing more
>>> educational "seats" for these volunteers
>>> by then its a tool they know and love
>> I shall be most interested in replies to this post.  In the 
>> (long-distant)
>> past I was part of a research group (Language Development and 
>> HyperMedia
>> Research Group, University of Ulster, Coleraine, Northern Ireland, 
>> for those
>> who may be interested - but it's dead now) which investigated 
>> children's use
>> of the computer in the classroom. We used Hypercard (from version 
>> 1.??!!)
>> both to build our research tool, and to allow the children a "building
>> environment" for their own development.  It was fantastic, and gave 
>> them
>> many benefits, short- and long- term: manipulation of text, sound and 
>> pics;
>> collaboration; sense of achievment; development of lanugage skills; 
>> etc,
>> etc, etc.  And it was all free, therefore schools (at all academic 
>> levels)
>> could use it.  Problem: only for MAC, and scorned by PC population!!!
>> For years I have longed for something similar which was 
>> cross-platform, and
>> at last discovered Rev.  What a dream come true.  But the restraints 
>> with
>> the script limitations in the starter kit seem to me to be too 
>> restrictive.
>> I know that a clever programmer can reduce scripts to an absolute 
>> minimum,
>> but children can't manage that to begin with.  I'd like them to have 
>> the
>> opportunity to "build" even though their cumbersome scripting may be 
>> much
>> longer than 10 lines.  Educational licenses are still expensive for 
>> schools
>> with classes of young primary school children.
>> I am now a part-time English teacher at a teachers training college in
>> Norway, and would LOVE to have a Rev project going on in one of the 
>> many
>> schools I have who are interested in using IT in schools.  But I 
>> can't go on
>> a 10 line limitation!
>> Anyone else out there with comments, on- or off- line.  Perhaps from 
>> the
>> owners and developers of Rev.
>> Cheers, and thanks to all contributors for a great list.
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