Startkit limitations for stacks already containing long scripts

Sannyasin Sivakatirswami katir at
Tue Oct 15 23:01:01 EDT 2002


1.  I create a stack A with some long scripts in it. (more than 10 
2.  An associate in a far away country  downloads a copy of Revolution 
3.  I send him or her a copy of stack A

THEN: Can she then create objects, cards, buttons, fields and add new 
scripts with ten lines or less and  edit scripts of objects that have 
less than ten lines? i.e. the original working document is 'beyond" the 
Startkit limitations, but the "Startkit" user never touches those long 
scripts... only works in scripts of  ten lines or less..will they be 
able to save the stack? They ship back to me for modifications in the 
stack script... they can make short scripts that call functions I build 
in the stack script etc.

Of course I can test this myself, but I don't want to shoot myself in 
the foot by not knowing something important that I might miss.

I want to be up front about staying within the "ethical" parameters of 
the educational license, but i can't justify purchasing more 
educational "seats" for these volunteers whose actual home usage of the 
program will be, overall, minimal from the  "big picture" point of 
view. And we are *truly* non profit (wish it weren't so, but we give 
away more than we get, or at least break even..)

Idea is to draft young volunteer collaborators who can't afford a 
license, but who would be excellent in the areas of UI design, art etc. 
while I back them up with any "heavy" scripting (longer than 10 lines) 
that might need to be done.

This could be an excellent promotion, because these young people, one 
day will have a salary and will jump to buy their own license as soon 
as their pockets are deep enough, then its a tool they know and 
love...meanwhile they are talking to all their friends and showing off 
this 'cool program"  and I can delegate basic educational presentation 
stacks creation, design tweaking etc. in the process... two mangos with 
one stone (as we vegetarians say...) one for Rev and one for Himalayan 
Academy. We are talking about young people in Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia, 
Bangalore, India, San Francisco school of Fine Arts...usually in their 
last year of university or just fresh out of college...who I want to 
pull on board. They all have a computer and they are all really savvy.

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