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Sarah sarahr at
Tue Oct 15 22:28:01 EDT 2002

Thanks for the reply Ken, but it doesn't help. My original stack is 
actually NAMED "Setup" and has a label "Setup Slot". When I clone, I 
get a window titled "Copy of Setup"

This is Mac OS X 10.2, Rev 1.1.1 or Rev 1.5A7


On Wednesday, October 16, 2002, at 12:59  pm, Ken Ray wrote:

> Sarah,
> The only reason you get "copy of <stack>" is because you don't have a 
> label
> set for your stack. If you set the label of the stack, when you clone 
> it,
> the cloned copy immediately has the label of the stack it was cloned 
> from.
> So it sounds like your stack is *named* "Original", but the label is
> empty...
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>> I have an application with a stack that gets cloned to allow multiple
>> instances of the same stack to be open, each showing different things
>> as specified when they are opened. This works fine except that when I
>> first clone the stack, it flashes up with it's label showing as "Copy
>> of Original". Then I can rename it, but I always get that first ugly
>> view.
>> I've tried locking the screen, I've tried hiding the original before
>> cloning it, I've tried re-labelling the original before cloning, but I
>> can't stop it showing this "Copy of...". Does anyone have any other
>> ideas?
>> Thanks,
>> Sarah
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