Popup Menu - Show on mouse over

Sarah sarahr at genesearch.com.au
Tue Oct 15 19:02:01 EDT 2002

> - How do I "hide" the popup on mouseLeave? Which actually takes me to 
> the next point...
This is a "feature" in the current version of Rev. Popup menus (of any 
sort) only hide themselves when you make a choice or if you press 
escape. In the next version, I would assume that moving away from the 
popup menu would automatically hide it. You could also put a "Hide" 
option in the menu that did nothing but allowed the user to select 
something so getting rid of the menu.

> - If I've managed to hide the whole button, how can I get it back? I 
> can't select it so I can't show its properties. Hmm.
In the View menu, you can select "Show Invisible Objects" which will 
reveal anything you have hidden. Alternatively, have a look at the 
Application overview which will list every command and allow you to go 
to it's properties. You can also bring up the properties palette for 
another object and then use the menu at the top of the palette to 
choose another object, even if it is invisible.
> - At some point I'd like to create a simple function which, one day, I 
> may include in a calendar. Basically, on entering a day, I'd like to 
> popup the days appointments. I'm guessing that a popup button is not 
> the best way of doing this. What is the best way?
This sounds like a reasonable way. Your date field needs a mouseEnter 
handler that fills the popup button with the day's data, then does: 
popup button "Appts"
The "Appts" button doesn't need to be made visible as the popup command 
handles that. If the menu needs to perform any functions (instead of 
being just a display) then you need to give it a menuPick handler.
> Are there some sample applications available to use as tutorials? I've 
> been through the tutorials supplied (barring the Independent Study 
> one) and they don't really help me with the syntax and structure of 
> Rev apps. Compared to more traditional languages, I find Transcript a 
> little strange and difficult to understand - but that's just a 
> familiarity thing I'm sure.
There is quite a good basic tutorial available with the Metacard 
starter kit and it works with Rev as well.
Apart from that any old HyperCard tutorials are quite good for learning 
the language although you then need to learn the differences.


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