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Scott Rossi scott at tactilemedia.com
Tue Oct 15 16:29:01 EDT 2002

Recently, "Dar Scott"  wrote:

> If I have files aBc.
> txt and aBc.rev and store them on CDs, I assume they will be stored as ABC.
> TXT and ABC.REV.  If I try to open the first as aBc.txt, ABC.TXT or abc.txt
> using Revolution "open file" or URL on Windows, Mac OS, OS X, or linux,
> which will work?

If I understand your question, all the above will work.

For all intents and purposes, Rev ignores case.  On the desktop, reading
file paths, file names, registry entries are all unaffected by case.  Most
Web URLs are not case sensitive (a few are, especially where user
names/passwords are included in the address string).  I can't think of any
situation off the top of my head where case matters, aside from stack
passwords, which I believe are case sensitive (perhaps someone else will
chime in here).

This is one situation where a little experimentation will get you your

PS  One comment I'll throw out there regarding file name convention issues
is with Windows (go figure).  I've read that systems up through Win2K (not
sure about XP) have an inherent flaw which can cause problems when trying to
replace applications via an installer.  If the app to be replaced has a non
8-dot-3 name, the installation can fail (I've ran into this a while back).
Supposedly this does not occur with documents, DLLs, etc, only exe files.


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