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sims wrote:

>> . That's
>>> why those Application Data folders are provided.
>> There's also the Windows registry to consider...
> I need to track how many times an action is performed so that
> when a set limit is arrived at, the application can do something.
> If the number times an action is performed is recorded in a text
> file, then then the person cannot simply install the application
> over again and start from zero again. With each action, the text
> file is written to until the limit is reached.
> I understand that a clever person could simply search for and
> remove the text file...but this simple level of security is
> ok for the circumstances.
> My PC knowledge is close to zero...could the Windows registry
> be of use in this case? How would I go about using it?

Text files can be edited with Notepad, the registry with RegEdit.
If you really want to annoy crackers put some critical part of your software
into a separate stack file and tuck a Base64- and/ot gzip-encoded copy of
your count there in a user prop.  Encoded, your data will be hard to spot in
the binary stack file, and if they toss it your program won't run.

Nothing's crack-proof, but the trick is to make cracking sufficiently
annoying so as to be not worth the effort.  ;)

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