get specialFolderpath(26)

Dave Cragg dcragg at
Tue Oct 15 15:19:00 EDT 2002

At 10:41 am -0700 15/10/02, Rob Cozens wrote:
>>I am looking for a suitable folder for use with Windows, one which
>>would be on all systems.
>How about the folder containing your Revolution app?

There is a potential problem here if you need to write data to this 
folder and your app is installed in the Program Files folder. Under 
XP (and Win 2000 ??), a "plain user" doesn't have sufficient rights 
to write to the Program Files directory. Of course, such a user can't 
install the application in that location to start with.  But if the 
machine Adminstrator (Sys Admin, big sister, etc.) installs the app 
with the intention that other users can run it, things could get 
messy. Also, if multiple users are using the app, and you want to 
save user settings, you need to keep user settings separate. That's 
why those Application Data folders are provided.


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