get specialFolderpath(26)

sims sims at
Tue Oct 15 02:41:01 EDT 2002

Can anyone tell me if the function:

  get specialFolderpath(26) -- user's Application Data folder

works on all versions of Windows?  I can use it here with my Mac
running VirtualPC Windows 98 but have no PC to test with otherwise...

Does it work with 95 - 98 - etc.? Is there a problem using it with NT as
suggested by Dave Cragg below?



>There is an "all users" Applications Data folder for data that is
>application-specific, and also a folder for each user that can be
>used for user-specific data.
>You can get the path to these folders using the  specialfolderpath
>function. Tuv Snyder revealed on the list some time back how this
>function can be extended beyond the default "special folders" by
>passing an integer that corresponds to the Windows API
>SHGetFolderPath  value/constant. The values for the "Applications
>Data" folders are:
>get specialFolderPath(35) -- common Application Data folder
>get specialFolderpath(26) -- user's Application Data folder
>I think the idea is that you should make a folder for your own
>application in these places.
>Warning:  This works fine for me on XP. But I just tested the
>function with these values on NT 4.0 and Metacard crashed. This may
>be my machine as my NT installation has been acting up recently.
>Perhaps someone can confirm whether this is working reliably on other
>Windows versions.
>Dave Cragg

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