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>> This is where the Mac shines versus Windows, in my opinion.
> Loren, et al:
> I owned an original 64K IBM PC, but left the Intel world before
> Windows.  In retrospect, it would be a lot easier for me to respond
> if I had as much experience supporting Windows users as I have
> supporting Mac users.
> While it seems to me Windows users encounter more difficulties with
> installation & reconfiguration issues than Mac users, I have seen
> little direct evidence that they have more difficulty learning or
> using software.
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The only data I have is that Mac users tend to own and use more software
than Windows users do, but I don't have a reference to support that so maybe
I just made it up.

As an expert Windows user, expert NeXTSTEP user, and expert Mac user, it's
my opinion that Macs ARE easier to use, day to day. I could be wrong, I've
been wrong before.

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