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On Monday, Oct 14, 2002, at 15:43 Australia/Sydney, Chipp Walters wrote:

> Troy brings up a couple of interesting points:
>> Our applications may have one or two cards in total, probably
>> just due to the way we think about scripting and application 
>> construction.
>> But we do store lots of info in the way Richard is describing, and 
>> then
>> populate a single card with that info on demand. I'm not sure it is 
>> the
>> right way, or the best way, but it sure works better for us than
>> managing a
>> ton of cards (which I can't get my head around.)
> I myself came from a HyperCard/SuperCard then VB background. And like 
> Troy,
> most projects I work on contain only a couple of cards...typically the 
> first
> card (the interface) with a second card for graphics used as icons on 
> cd 1.
> Only when I create wizards do I use more than one card in a stack. Data
> structures are almost always arrays, custom properties, text 
> field/files
> and/or other single card stacks. Tab controls only show and hide 
> groups.


  I'm interested in how others use cards???
> Anyone?

Well, I am at a half-way house. I find I have abandoned the old 
multiple-background approach with HC in favour of multiple stacks. Data 
which I used to stash in a separate background now goes into custom 
properties or is built on the fly. However, I am still using a card for 
each primary record, complete with prev/next buttons and a modal list 
to jump to particular cards. A new record is a new card, partially 
populated with defaults from the old one.

I mentioned recently that I have another app to transfer. It contains 
about a thousand cards in one background plus other backgrounds for 
help information, storing certain lists and summaries and so on. 
Planning it, I was groping towards an interface-and-data model (without 
wishing to go right to an SQL database, although I have done that 
before with an HC front end), so I am finding your comments on this 
pretty interesting. Anyone else like to comment on the worth of such a 
transition? Or whether I should even go straight to Valentina for 
1,000-2,000 records? They are normally accessed individually for single 
update rather than reported or modified en masse.


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