Script line break character

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto jeanne at
Mon Oct 14 01:48:14 EDT 2002

At 7:24 AM -0700 10/13/2002, Yves Coppé wrote:
>>What is the character (or command) to wrap a long script line to avoid
>>horizontal scrolling in the script window?
>>Silly me, I can't find this in the documentation, and my recollection that
>>it was option-return in HC is correct, this doesn't work in RunRev.

>I use option-return the same as in HC !
>I don't understand why it doesn't work in your script ???

It works on Mac OS, but not on the other platforms. (For this reason it is
recommended to use the backslash (\) instead, so there won't be a problem
when moving a stack between platforms.)

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